With Smart Tank Technology by Blue Sky, never run out of propane. The Blue Sky Guarantee.
At Blue Sky Propane, we know you have a lot to worry about – meetings, family activities, the in-laws coming to visit, and more.

We believe whether or not your propane tank is full shouldn’t be on the list. That’s why we offer the Smart Tank Technology by Blue Sky. This revolutionary technology automatically monitors the level of your existing propane tank and alerts us when it’s time to refill. No more checking the tank. No more calling in orders. No more awkward conversations about why the tank ran out.

Blue Sky Propane is the only propane provider in the Hill Country to use Smart Tank Technology which assures that our LP gas customers are NEVER without service due to an empty tank. No other propane provider in the Hill Country area makes this guarantee.

The Beauty of Smart Tank Technology

Have you ever gone into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get your favorite flavor of Blue Bell Ice Cream (we’re partial to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) only to find a few meager spoonsful are left? Very disappointing. What if your refrigerator could not only sense when you were getting low on Blue Bell, but could automatically refill it, so that you could have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough whenever you wanted it? That would be amazing–although it might be a little difficult on your waistline, we get that.

While we can’t promise you unlimited Blue Bell here at Blue Sky Propane, we can offer Smart Tank Technology. With Smart Tank Technology, you never have to run out of the propane you need to heat your house, cook your food or have hot water.

What is Smart Tank Technology?

Smart Tank Technology is an innovative way that we monitor your propane levels, because let’s face it, no one wants to run out of propane, especially during the times you need it most. We know that our falls and winters are milder in the Texas Hill Country than in other parts of the country, no one likes being cold, and we have stretches of time in Texas when the cold wind is blowing, and houses get downright chilly. With Smart Tank Technology, your propane tank never runs out of fuel.

How Does It Work?

We make YOUR tank a Smart Tank by placing a cellular device on your tanks that sends us (and you) constant updates about your propane tank level through cloud technology. You can get a tank level reading through our exclusive app,– pretty much anywhere you are. When your tank level reaches a pre-determined fill level, our software will generate a delivery ticket and we will fill you up. No more guessing about when your tank might need a refill. No more worries about running out of fuel in the dead of winter.

We’re pretty excited about our technology, and we know you will be too, because it eliminates the concerns about running out of fuel and waiting days for a service call in a cold house. This technology is truly cutting edge, and who doesn’t like cutting edge technology?

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