Let’s Talk About Apps, Baby

Let’s Talk About Apps, Baby

Take a minute and take a look at your phone. We bet you have at least a dozen apps on your phone. We have one that tells us the weather. One that helps us share pictures with our friends. One that tells us how many steps we’ve walked in a day. Let’s face it, there’s an app for everything. And we mean everything. Apps help us get through our day, and even help us sleep at night. Right now, there are about 6 million apps available in the United States, alone.

So is it any wonder that there is an app for your propane as well? The fabulous geniuses at Blue Sky Propane created an app for you to download for free. You can pay your bill on the app, or check your propane levels. In fact, the app actually allows you to do several things.

First, the app is available from either Google Play or the Apple Store, so no matter what kind of phone you have, you can download the app to use. After you have downloaded the Blue Sky app, you will be able to use it to do a lot of different things related to your propane tank usage.

You can use the app to look at the most frequently asked questions our customers have had over the years, which is a useful feature, especially if you don’t feel like talking to people–let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Also, the app allows you to instantly pay your bill, which means that you can quickly check that chore off your list. If you have questions about your historical usage, that there too.

We think the best feature of our app is that it is linked to our Smart Tank Technology, which means that you can check your tank levels anytime you want, from anywhere, without lifting the lid. On our AUTOFILL service we guarantee you won’t run out, but this Tank Level feature is available to reassure that we have you covered.

No matter what you like best about our app, we’re sure that you will find it handy to have around, especially during those busy times of the year, when it seems like you never have time to do anything–much less pay bills or order propane. Aren’t you glad there’s an app around to make something else in your life easier to manage?

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