Winter in the Hill Country

Winter in the Hill Country

When people think of Texas, they usually think of the large cities, such as Dallas or Houston, both of which are a whole ‘nother animal from the Hill Country. People also think of West Texas, tumbleweed, and oil–also not the Hill Country. In fact, the Hill Country of Texas is a special place all its own, which is why it requires a special kind of company to manage heating requirements–Blue Sky Propane.

The Hill Country of Texas
The Texas Hill Country is a unique place, and we’re not saying that because we live here. We’re saying it because it’s true. The Texas Hill Country was settled by immigrants from Germany. The Germans and Swiss settled in the area because they said the Hill Country reminded them of their homes back in Europe, with rolling hills and great land for farming and raising dairy cows. This means that the Hill Country of Texas has a unique culture, apart from any other area of the state. We love the uniqueness of our culture here, which is a mixture of Mexican, Texican, German, and Americans from other parts of the United States.

Unlike the other areas of Texas, the Hill Country gets quite a bit of rain, especially in the spring. While it is hot here in the summer (like the rest of Texas), it does not get quite as hot here as it can in West Texas, where the temperature regularly soars over 100 degrees. Also, while the Texas Panhandle regularly gets snow and bitter temperatures in the winter, the Hill Country winters are not that bad.

That being said, the Hill Country can get really cold at night during the winter, as we have cold spells just like the rest of Texas does. When we do have a cold snap, sometimes, we get ice and snow. Because we live in Texas, and snow or ice is rare, when it does happen, sometimes people aren’t prepared for it. Trust us, you don’t want to be without heat during one of our Hill Country cold spells.

That’s why the Hill Country is so lucky to have us. With Smart Tank Technology by Blue Sky, we can ensure that your propane tank never runs out of fuel. We will make sure you have heat during the coldest spells of Hill Country weather. Not to mention, because we live here too, we take good care of our Hill Country neighbors. Why not give us a call today, and get propane from the Hill Country specialists?

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